Sunday, August 12, 2012

Once in a Blue Moon....

  How exciting! The Blue Moon will be rising this month, and the opportunity for strong magick is in the air! This is the perfect time to communicate with the Goddess on a much more direct level. I know, I know....any full moon you can, BUT, the powers and energies are much more intense during this time.

 The Blue Moon will be in Pisces, a great time to work magick involving dream works, telepathy, and anything involving creative arts. It all comes down to personal preference. 

  I personally will be working on strengthening my connection to the divine, and I am so excited to become one with Her, if only for a moment. If you have never worked a Drawing down the Moon ritual, or have and never really FELT the Goddess speak through you...this is the perfect time to try again. The energies are so intense during the Blue Moon, that if maybe you couldn't "hear" Her words or feel Her presence, this is the time to try again. 

  Sometimes we do not realize that we are hearing her because we are expecting bells and whistles, so we miss the opportunity.  

  Start now preparing your ritual, this is not something you should ever try to put together the night before. Focus true thought, consideration and intent into what you wish to achieve, so that you manifest what it is you truly intend. Never enter your ritual half cocked, especially during this time. Always remember your intent is a huge factor for what guides your magickal works.

  Take advantage of this time, and as always,

  Love and Dark Blessings to you, Children of the Ancients!

  Lady Aradia

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