Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our New Puppy

She is a black and tan German shepherd, and her name is Hekate. Her feet smell like Frito corn chips and she has the strongest puppy breath ever smelled by mankind and beyond. I absolutely love her. She was born August 22, 2011; she came into our lives October 26, 2011. 

We knew the moment we saw her that she was meant to be a part of us, as if the Goddess herself guided us to her (I’m convinced she did).

We named her Hekate, after the Goddess Hekate, in her form of the Goddess of crossroads and transitions. The reasoning for this is because she came into our lives during a time of transition and change. I’m grateful more and more everyday for the wonderful gift of this loving, loyal, and completely innocent creature that the Goddess chose to make a part of our family. The Goddess has truly shined her light on us.

Blessings all! )O(